Your passport to top-level sport

Our personalised courses are aimed at both amateur and professional riders who want to work on managing and training their horses and teach the essential skills of horsemanship at the very highest level.

With the active participation of our international rider Patrice Delaveau the high-quality training offered on our courses is resolutely focused on a single goal: helping you to progress and equipping you to move up gradually to the highest level.

We offer different types of course, designed to address the horse/rider pair and competition as a whole:

Our courses are split into a series of modules, each designed to tackle the various difficulties a horse/rider pair can encounter. The limited number of participants (maximum of four riders per group) allows us to adapt each of the modules to the specific needs of each pair. The result is a truly personalised approach.

Upcoming courses :

Individual tailor-made courses on request.

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